Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's a Three Day Weekend so It's Time for DIY

As I post I'm listening to Montessori Papa work on his impromptu DIY project--refinishing one of our entrance doors. He was so excited by his purchase of a sander, that he had to jump right into the project right as we returned home yesterday at around 4 p.m. What he didn't calculate into his project estimations is two very curious little girls who want to know how to do everything.

He is a true Montessori Papa, so he was trying to show Booster how to do various parts of thereal work of the project and make Thumper feel somewhat included. He did lament last night how much time it took to incorporate both of them into the task, but here he is with Booster and Thumper at his side again this morning. Alas, that's the task of parents.

I'm always so pleased when he does this, as a mother of two little girls who had to learn about doing this kind of stuff as an adult. I know that my daughters will grow up to be such confident women because they will have a host of skills from being able to make a luscious guacamole to being able to refinish a door all taught to them by their very own father.

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