Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a Difference a Month Makes

The last time I posted to this blog, I was just beginning a new job. Now, I am just beginning a new job. Suffice it to say, that the first job did not go well.

Fortunately, I've been able to swoop into a new job, complete with Montessori spots for both Thumper and Booster. I'm working in a support role this year, so next spring, I'll be back almost to square one as far as looking for a job is concerned. First things first as I always tell Booster. This job solves certain problems, namely getting out of job #1 while still being able to make some money and provide the little ones an opportunity to continue on a Montessori track.

The last month has been full of a multitude of changes, I haven't even had time to process them which is why I've been unable to sit down to write anything here.

I started a job that I had hoped would be my dream job, that would lead to unique opportunities. Instead, I spent a month growing increasingly anxious as I came to the realization that the job was simply not a good fit for me and never would be. Well, that's over now.

Booster started public school. I put money in her lunch account, joined the PTA, went to back to school night, almost bought spirit wear. Well, for now, that's over.

Thumper started a new school for which I spent weeks searching out uniform clothes in her size. She adjusted to the staff, spoke about her classmates at home, and one night, even packed her lunch toddler style and said that she was off to see a little girl in her class right as bedtime rolled around. Well, now, that's over, too.

That's that.

On more upbeat note, I am really delighted that both girls seem to be settling in well to their new school. I seem to be surrounded by competent, relaxed, confident co-workers. I can't help but feel that somehow or another all of this has happened for good reason. I've learned valuable lessons that have given me quite a lot to think about both professionally and personally. Although there are aspects to my current situation that I would change if I could, I do feel like I've ended up in the right place for now.

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  1. How I wish we could meet for coffee and I could hear the whole story! I have been thinking about you and wondering about the new job, expecting to see a post any day. I hope all is well now! Say hi to yur family from us!