Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Every Day She's Growing Up

This is my school
My place to work and play
My friends and I are living out each day
Washing a table
Polishing a cup
Every day I'm growing up. . .

Most Montessorians probably know this common song by Sanford Jones. I remember one mother telling me in a conference that she got tears in her eyes every time that she heard her son sing this song because she knew that he was, indeed, growing up.

Now it's Thumper's turn to grow up. She's not a toddler anymore. In fact, she is truly 2 1/2 now, officially old enough for a primary program (although I persuaded the head of school where she's at to start her in a primary program just a smidgen before). She is getting more mature and articulate every day, although she still looks as petite as ever. Tonight at dinner she was able to tell her paternal grandmother that she was going to see her maternal grandmother on the train. She tells her older sister off in very specific terms, which is hilarious (sometimes).

I've had to up my game with her, realizing that it is time to choose different books at the library. We're reading a lot of Denise Fleming right now which is my attempt to lure her away from her other growing up choice Olivia Form a Band. Oh my, how many times have a read that book in the last month.

Although I will miss the little toddler that she was, I look forward to the possibilities ahead. I'm very hopeful that she will get into sewing so that Booster and I can really get into the quilting projects that we have in mind. I imagine that next year's gardening will also be a lot more fun for all of us, as Thumper will understand so much more of what is going on.

Onward and upwards, Thumper. The world is your clover patch!

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