Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let's Garden!

The weather is finally turning nice enough to turn my attention to our garden. Booster was very excited when we picked out the lion's share of our seeds--picking out our old faithfuls (lettuce, radishes, nasturtiums) and choosing some new fantasy items (cantaloupes, squash, shade-loving flower mix). Now the big question this year will be--can we get Thumper to take an interested role in our garden this year? The last two years have been rough gardening wise for me because with a baby one year, a toddler last year, it's been hard to give my garden even a basic amount of attention.

Yesterday, I took Thumper out to the garden. She did dig in a pot for a couple of minutes and enthusiastically tried to weed (unfortunately, she was trying to pull out some volunteer lettuce that has shown up in our garden).

It will be interesting to see how the spring time gardening goes with her. I'll keep you posted.

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