Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I just realized that it has been over a month since I have posted to my fledgling blog. Well, if this is Montessori in Real Life, this has been my real life. We've had 6 social events hosted at my home in 5 weeks, plus a visit from my mother. So that's one fancy dinner party for people from the Friends of the Congo (I spent this one in my room because I was in the middle of a seemingly neverending sickness.), two birthday parties: Thumper's and my niece's, Easter dinner, and a huge celebration of the Indian festival of Holi (read 80-90 people huge), and a strategic planning session for my mother-in-law's nonprofit. As I mentioned, my mother also came to visit, and I am in the midst of a job search. Next year, back in the classroom I will be. All of these are good things, blessings really, and my house was clean all at one time so many times there. That was definitely good. Now, however, I am so tired. Trying to make a final job commitment and catch up on gardening projects. 

Yesterday was great. Thumper, Booster and I spent loads of time outside. Thumper, newly two, has limited interest in the gardening. We are trying to teach her not to rip the flowers off of our newly planted annuals. Fortunately, she is enjoying being outside. She allows Booster and I to get some real work done in small spurts. 

We spread grass seed yesterday (Booster thrilled to be using the grass spreader.), planted nasturtiums, weeded, and finished planting all of the annuals that we bought from the plant sale at Booster's school. Today I wanted to make so much progress. We have some more seeds soaking in water and ready to go into the ground but in has been really raining today. Not the occasional sprinkle of yesterday, but real rain falling steadily all day. I'm hoping for a break in the weather as I felt yesterday that we were on a roll. Today we are stuck inside cleaning the house just for our own pleasure and comfort. Booster and Thumper have been playing so nicely together in Booster's room while listening to Thumper's favorite, newly repaired CD--Toddler's Favorites.

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