Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 Things

Inspired by WhyMommy, here are five things that I love about being a mom. Of course, I could write more, but here are five simple reasons that I love it.

I love to share something with my daughters that they’ve never done, seen, or tasted before. The first time to see an artist’s painting, a mummy, a new fruit like a rambutan. It can be anything. I like to see their first reaction. It’s the teacher in me. I love to set up environments and situations where children are learning about the world.

I love to see my daughters rolling around like puppies together. They make me laugh with their sheer exuberance. Booster took to her younger sister and, in physical ways, I could say that we have raised Thumper like a puppy. She had to like all of the holding, tussling, kissing, and rolling around. It’s all she’s ever known.

I love seeing my husband interacting with our daughters. My father, while an intelligent and talented man, was never going to win any fatherhood contests. It is so heartwarming to know that that my daughters, who deserve the best as all children do, have an engaged, fun, and protective father.

Of course, I love that heartwarming time when one or both of my daughters sleeps cuddled up next to me—or on me. It’s hard to beat that for just wonderful, warm fuzziness.

I also love the contradictory feeling that comes after they have fallen asleep. Usually I am so intent on wanting them to fall asleep. I am tired. I am ready for a quieter, more self-centered time of day. But so many times after they are finally BOTH asleep. I will see a toy, a photo, or just have a thought of them—their smiles, their laughs, their curiosity, their expressions of their understanding of the world—and I will have a flash of wishing that they were awake again so that we could continue the fun. Then I remember how hard it can be to get them both asleep and I try to enjoy the quiet time, but I do it while missing them. Strange.


  1. Aw ... how beautiful is this?

    So sweet!

  2. Very sweet. I can really relate to this. I sometimes miss my little girls when they are napping. It gets so quite in the house and at times I am at a loss with what to do with a bit of free time!